As 2XF Photography’s principal photographer, Kenny McCallum has been shooting weddings for over 30 years all over the UK and North America. He trained as a dramatic art photographer in East Kilbride in the late 80’s and for his wedding work he shoots in an artistic photojournalistic style, and also covers all family portraits. He utilises the skills he used as a dramatic art photographer to his wedding photography, along with his ability to tell a story through his photos.

2XF Photography knows how important it is to capture the day as it unfolds in its natural state through our photojournalistic style, but with an elegant and artistic touch. Additionally we also do dramatic engagement shoots that look like they are straight out of a magazine.

On wedding shoots we are unrushed unlike other photographers. We stay the whole day depending on the package you choose (full day coverage means full day coverage).

We use top of the line digital cameras and a variety of fast lenses, you will have access to all your digital high-resolution images on an online private viewing gallery with the ability to make prints yourself. Unlike some other wedding photography companies, we do not milk our clients on the cost of reprints.


Standard Wedding Package Rates

Mini Package:

£500:  4 hours of wedding or party coverage. all editing and retouching. your photos on USB drive with printing rights. Small coffee table style album. Available on weekdays or out of season dates only, Oct - Mar.

Regular Package:


£1250: full day coverage. TWO photographers on site. all editing and retouching. your photos on USB drive with printing rights, coffee table book style album.


Maxi Package:

£1800: full day coverage. TWO photographers on site. all editing and retouching. your photos on USB drive with printing rights, coffee table book style album, engagement session and evening reception photo booth, photo booth includes on-site photo booth strip printing.

If you are looking for something different from the above, give us a call and we can tailor a cost to suits your exact wishes.

Studio Rates 

The studio is open from 8am to 10pm 7 days a week and studio time can be booked at any time from £40 per hour.



How long do we have you for on the wedding day?

We offer full-day coverage. We don’t watch the clock and are flexible, and we won’t rush out if a moment hasn’t been captured like other photographers. A typical day will run 9 hours on average. We only do one wedding on any given day.

As far as the flow of the day goes, I like to get there early in the day to cover all the getting-ready shots of the bride and the second photographer will cover the getting-ready shots of the groom, so not a moment is missed. From there, we drive to the location and cover the ceremony. Either before or after the ceremony, we typically “get away” from the crowd with the bridge and groom and do a small private more artistic photo shoot with a nice backdrop near the ceremony location. After the ceremony we do all the family / friends group photos. And then, the reception of course, cake cutting, bouquet tossing, speeches, etc! hundreds of photos are taken and we send you all of them!

How does the engagement session work?

I send you a list of engagement location ideas for you to pick from (or if you wish we can book a room at the hotel you have booked for your reception), and you also bring two outfit changes to the shoot. If necessary I will bring a lighting assistant, if needed. We can also do a photo shoot outside if the weather permits. Allow 3 to 4 hours on location for an engagement shoot.

How are your packages different than other wedding photographers?

Other wedding photographers tend to milk their clients on the cost of reprints. This is how they end up making a lot of their money. They charge exorbitant fees for the cost of prints when they are really getting prints made for a pound online. I send you ALL the digital proofs directly, so you can get them printed wherever you like for a reasonable cost, and not have to wait on the photographer either to get them printed for you 

Do you offer wedding books?

Yes! In fact, I include books in all of my packages. My most popular book style is a large coffee-table style book, professionally printed, hardcover, with a cover photo wrap. I have examples to show in my consultations. 

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